The elongated shape of the general duty 25° ditch cleaning bucket, particularly popular in Scandinavian countries, prevents earth from sticking to the sides and facilitates discharge of materials. The 25° flare and the 8° conical end make it especially suitable for use in combination with the Rototwist system, enabling the bucket to be rotated inside the ditch without damaging it.

The high strength steel used in its structure makes the Cangini bucket the ideal choice for constructing and maintaining slopes, banks and ditches.
The reinforcing bands welded to the bottom, an area subject to heavy stresses, make this a rugged bucket that offers a long working life.
The blade is entirely in hard-wearing HB400 steel.
Its distinctive design ensures higher load capacity combined with more effective ditch bank levelling.
It has water drainage holes on the sides and bottom.
The Cangini ditch cleaning bucket is recommended for clearing, repairing and constructing slopes, for maintaining drainage ditches, for environmental reclamation works and for roadside maintenance.
The wide range of models allows the perfect match for every excavator, providing the best performance for each specific class and application from 0.8 to 22 ton.


The elongated profile facilitates the discharge of material.


The 8° conical end with 25° flare means that this bucket is able to rotate inside the ditch without damaging it.


The HB400 high-strength steel blade and the horizontal reinforcement bands protect the bucket from wear and maintain its penetration capacity intact over time.

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