Crushing Bucket

Crush bricks, asphalt or concrete for further use

Recycle C & D waste with the Remu crusher attachment.  The CR 1100 crushing bucket is designed to reduce the volume of most common materials from demolition sites including clay bricks, roof tiles, plaster board and asphalt.

Bricks & Roof tiles

Crush all types of clay bricks, roof tiles and other inert materials and reuse onsite to minimize transportation cost and amount of material sent to landfill.

Recycle Asphalt

Reduce the impact on nature by keeping materials in a circular economy. Crushed asphalt, also called asphalt millings can be used as a base layer for pavers, walkways or driveways or used as a filling material.

Wood waste

Reduce the size of wood waste by crushing for use as a biofuel.


REMU Crushing Bucket CR1100

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