Conveyor belts

Belt lengths: 250cm | 300cm | 450cm | 600cm

Weights: 61 kg | 71 kg | 87 kg | 103 kg

Belt width: 34 cm
Height: 25 cm
Drum motor: 0.55 kW
Max. traction: 200 kg
Belt speed: 20-80 cm/s
Voltage: 230 volts


Our conveyor belts are suitable for transporting materials of all types – from demolition materials or wet mortar to soil and the like.

Thanks to their closed side profiles, they guarantee an extremely high load capacity and unique safety.

Many advantageous product features:

  • Extremely high load capacity and long life
  • Maximum traction
  • Simple cleaning
  • Wear-resistant PVC belt
  • Simple belt adjustment
  • Closed side profiles
  • All electrical parts: IP54
  • Washable with a high pressure cleaner
  • Electrical parts concealed and well protected
  • Forklift eyes
  • Aluminium construction from one cast
  • Low weight
  • Stackable
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Designed for high loads and rough handling
  • Low maintenance costs




CE extension cable for series connection

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