Clark TMX 13/15s/15/18/20x

Operator Comfort / Convenience

Electric Forklifts TMX 13/15s/15/18/20x

100 % AC 36/48V
Tri-Wheel Multi-Tire Lift Truck

TMX 132,500 lbs. / 1250 kg.

TMX 15s3,000 lbs. / 1500 kg.

TMX 153,000 lbs. / 1500 kg.

TMX 183,500 lbs. / 1815 kg.

TMX 20×4,000 lbs. / 2000 kg.

The CLARK TMX Series electric three-wheel lift truck is designed to handle the most demanding industrial applications. Its compact size and tight-ratio steering make it highly maneuverable. Powerful induction motors make it responsive. A large operator’s compartment and un-cluttered floorboards make it easy to operate. A tight turning radius allows operation in more confined areas than four-wheel models. Capacities up to 5000 LB allow the CLARK TMX to perform where other trucks can’t.

Operator Comfort / Convenience

  • Low step height

  • Steel step plates and grab handles on both sides

  • Low-effort hydrostatic power steering

  • Easy reach hand applied parking brake

  • High visibility uprights

  • Tilting steering pylon

  • Dash display with operating and diagnostic information

  • Planned Maintenance Alert

The large operator’s compartment, low step height, slip-resistant steel step plates and grab handles make entry and exit from either side of the vehicle easy. The high visibility upright and longitudinal bar design of the overhead guard combine to provide optimum visibility in all directions. The TMX is equipped with a seat belt, CLARK safety wing seat and battery restraint system to help protect the operator. Lift/lower, tilt and auxiliary function levers are conveniently located on the cowl. The levers are offset from the seat centerline so the operator’s right hand naturally falls on the levers. The steering wheel is offset to the left, also placing it in the correct position relative to the operator. A dash display provides continuous battery status, hour meter and a wide range of operational and diagnostic codes. A lift interrupt circuit assists in protecting the battery by disabling hydraulic operation when the battery is approximately 80% discharged. Hydraulic cushioning provides smooth, quiet staging of the upright.

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