Clark C20/25/30/35

Reliable, Durable and Powerful Forklifts.

Diesel/LPG Forklifts C 20/25/30/35 GEN2 Series
Diesel/LPG pneumatic
Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck

C204,000 lbs. / 2000 kg.

C255,000 lbs. / 2500 kg.

C306,000 lbs. / 3000 kg.

C357,000 lbs. / 3500 kg.

Highly Maneuverable, Easily Serviceable, Broadly Flexible, Extremely Dependable.

The C20-35 series from CLARK marks a further highlight in the reliable, durable and powerful forklifts of the premium Gen2 series. Lower operating and maintenance costs combined with a well-designed and ergonomic operators compartment are what makes this forklift truly unique. The sturdy „Built to Last“ upright and a robust construction with no thin metal or plastic components means these forklifts are suitable for use under even the toughest conditions.

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