Clark C15/18/20s

Highly Maneuverable, Easily Serviceable, Extremely Dependable.

Diesel/LPG Forklifts C 15/18/20s GEN2 Series

C153,000 lbs. / 1500 kg.

C183,500 lbs. / 1800 kg.

C20s4,000 lbs. / 2000 kg.

Highly Maneuverable, Easily Serviceable, Broadly Flexible, Extremely Dependable.

The GEN2 C15-20s and C15C-20sC Series proudly adds to CLARK’s unique history of building the best forklifts with evolutionary steps in ergonomics, power, safety, durability and performance. These narrow-width models, designed for distribution, manufacturing and warehousing of all types, are suited for the toughest applications.

Clark C15/18/20s
Clark C15/18/20s

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