An excellent bucket for burying cables and pipes, designed for digging precision trenches of minimal width. The general duty cable bucket is particularly popular in Scandinavian countries.

Cangini general duty cable buckets are the ideal choice for digging narrow trenches, and with their recessed sides they are able to work in points where cables and pipes intersect.
The elongated profile facilitates the discharge of materials because it prevents earth from sticking to the sides and enables it to slide more easily.
The reinforcing bands welded to the bottom, an area subject to heavy stresses, make this a high-performing bucket that offers a long working life.
The blade is entirely in high-strength HB400 steel.
The wide range of models allows the perfect match for every excavator, providing the best performance for each specific class and application from 0.8 to 22 ton.


The recessed sides make it easier to cross water, gas, etc. pipe systems.


The horizontal reinforcing bands safeguard the bucket from wear and withstand heavy stresses.


The HB400 high-strength steel blade is highly durable and maintains the bucket’s penetration capacity intact over time.

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