Big Float

Big Float is an innovative and unique tracked pontoon undercarriage that transforms your excavator into an amphibious machine

Some call it a marsh buggy, swamp excavator or floating excavator, it’s all the same. With a Remu pontoon undercarriage your excavator will have access to the most challenging environments.

Where is Big Float used?

On soft ground or in shallow water areas floating excavators on pontoon undercarriage are often the most effective machines. Big Floats can also be driven on solid land and with additional equipment they can safely operate on open water.

Dredging & Silt-removal

Sedimentation is the continuous process of sand and silt washing downstream, gradually filling rivers, lakes, and other water bodies. Debris and trash can accumulate in waterways preventing natural water flow and leading to floods.

Whether it is canal deepening or the restoration of natural water flow, flood prevention work or an after-storm clean-up, reclamation of silted up marinas or dredging boat berths – Big Float has been proven to be an efficient and safe piece of equipment, for operating both in shallow and open water.

Removing aquatic vegetation & Weed control

Vegetation is a natural part of any pond, lake, or other body of water. However, overgrown vegetation or invasive species can be seriously damaging to the health and beauty of water as well as the ecosystem biodiversity. Slower water flow in streams and canals can cause flooding and water stagnation in lakes or ponds can create a hazardous environment.

Aquatic plant management is beneficial for the environment. Big Floats can be equipped with various tools for mechanical removal of unwanted plants, algae and debris, restoring the natural beauty of water bodies.

Restoration of wetland & coast lines

Around the world coastal wetlands are declining, shorelines experience erosion and fragile habitats like floodplains, mangroves, seagrasses, saltmarshes, arctic wetlands, peatlands etc. are under threat.

Big Float amphibious excavators are used in the restoration and creation of wetlands around the world. Designed for ultralow ground pressure Big Floats makes the least possible impact on fragile environments during the construction of levees and dikes, the restoration of natural habitats or land reclamation.

Maintaining waste ponds

Livestock and chemical plant waste ponds, as well as fly-ash ponds and tailing dams are receive a constant flow of waste material and eventually fill up. They need to be emptied, dewatered, or closed to prevent the hazardous content from spilling or seeping and contaminating the surroundings. Reclaiming silted-up tailing dams and managing coal combustion products reservoirs are common applications for Big Floats.

Dredged material placement sites

Dredged material is increasingly being regarded as a resource rather than a waste product. Its beneficial uses include beach nourishment, coastal protection, habitat development and land reclamation. To beneficially re-use dredged material, instead of placing it back into the open water, it is being placed in specially constructed sedimentation basins or lagoons for its dewatering. One of the most efficient methods of rapid dewatering is to drain it using a surface trenching system. Big Float, which has an ultralow ground pressure and positive buoyancy, can access these DMP sites in order to excavate trenches.

Utilizing standard excavator track chains and track rollers, provides an unbeatable service life of the wear components. Travel motors, coupled with planetary final drives, deliver high torque through drive sprockets directly to the track chains, eliminating the need for unreliable components.

Big Floats for excavators up to 22t class are designed with a hydraulically adjustable undercarriage width. The minimum width of fully assembled and operational amphibious excavator is only 3.0m – 3.5m (<10ft – <12ft), depending on the model.

An optional system of additional pontoons ensures safety whilst working in open water. Stability analysis and tipping load calculations have been carefully considered to meet the most stringent stability criteria. Hydraulically operated anchoring legs secure floating excavator to the bottom preventing it from drifting during operation.

8-10 ton excavators

10-15 ton excavators

16-24 ton excavators

25-35 ton excavators


REMU Amphibious Excavator E22

REMU Amphibious Excavator E15

REMU Amphibious Excavator E10

REMU Big Float E35

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