Anssems PTH 2000 EXCELENTE horse trailer – Gray metal

Product description


Anssem’s PTH horse trailer series is an exciting series of high quality horse trailers. The horse trailers in the series offer high quality and safety for both horse and rider. The list of standard equipment is long, and as an added bonus, the trailer is 100% wood-free, which is a super effective protection against rot. The lightweight but durable fiberglass sides give a low dead weight of only 775 kg. The aerodynamic design provides a minimum of fuel consumption and road noise, and helps to ensure easy and safe driving with the horse trailer. The standard equipment includes:

  • Kick plates
  • Sadelskab
  • Adjustable booms
  • Panic trigger
  • Glare-free, interior lighting
  • Powerful KIP nose wheel


New demo – Cosmetic flaws must be expected.


Product specifications


  • Total weight (kg)2000
  • Load capacity (kg)1225
  • Inside length (cm)331
  • Number of axles2
  • Internal height (cm)236
  • Internal width (cm)166
  • SadelskabYES
  • Rear entranceRAMP
  • Loading height (cm)36
  • Total width (cm)215
  • Total length (cm)445
  • Wheel placementOUT ON THE PAGE
  • Number of wheels4
  • RampsNO
  • Page materialFIBERGLASS
  • PanoramarudeNO
  • Height-adjustable boomsYES
  • Kick platesYES
  • TailgateRAMP
  • Roof hatchNO
  • Total height (cm)273
  • Wheel size13
  • 7/13 pole piece13
  • Spare wheelNO
  • Nose wheelYES
  • Carriage transportNO
  • Feeding troughNO
  • Front exitNO

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