Anssems PSX 2000.405X178

Product description


The wheels are located under the load, which gives a large load volume. This makes the trailer extremely suitable for building materials and garden waste. The fold-down tailgate, which can be supported with pipes, and the front bib, which is supported by the drawbar, provide plenty of space for long objects – Eg. scaffolding parts that can easily be transported safely. The problem with a trailer that is too short is a thing of the past.


Product specifications


  • Total weight (kg)2000
  • Load capacity (kg)1515
  • Detachable sidesYES, ALL 4
  • Detachable corner postsYES, ALL 4
  • Inside length (cm)405
  • Number of axles2
  • Internal height (cm)30
  • Internal width (cm)178
  • Exterior length (cm)411
  • TipNO
  • Loading height (cm)68
  • Total length (cm)560
  • Total width (cm)185
  • Exterior width (cm)184
  • Wheel placementUNDER LAD
  • Internal lashing eyes8
  • SlidskemagasinNO
  • Wheel size13
  • Number of wheels4
  • RampsNO
  • Page materialALU
  • TailgateFLAP
  • Support legsNO
  • Front grilleNO
  • Total height (cm)98
  • 7/13 pole piece13
  • Collapsible pagesYES, ALL 4
  • Spare wheelNO
  • Nose wheelYES


Anssems PSX-S 2000.405×178 has an inside length of 405 and a width of 178. It has 30 cm aluminum sides which are all fold-down or removable. The trailer runs on 13 “wheels which are located under the load. Total weight of 2000 kg and a load capacity of 1540 kg.

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