Anssems BSX 1350.251X130

Product description


The wheels placed on the side for a lower loading height make many tasks easier. The trailer is suitable for transporting garden waste as well as building materials with the good interior width. The chassis is made with a strong railing at the front and a strong railing.


Product specifications


  • Total weight (kg)1350
  • Load capacity (kg)1050
  • Wheel shock absorberNo
  • Detachable sidesYES, FRONT AND BACK
  • Detachable corner postsNO
  • Inside length (cm)251
  • Number of axles1
  • Internal height (cm)45
  • Internal width (cm)130
  • TipNO
  • Loading height (cm)48
  • Bottom materialFINE
  • Total width (cm)190
  • Total length (cm)410
  • Wheel placementOUT ON THE PAGE
  • Internal lashing eyesNO
  • Page materialALU
  • Number of wheels2
  • RampsNO
  • SlidskemagasinNO
  • TailgateFLAP
  • Support legsNO
  • Front grilleYES
  • Total height (cm)122
  • Wheel size13
  • 7/13 pole piece13
  • Collapsible pagesYES, FRONT AND BACK
  • FjongknapperNO
  • Spare wheelNO
  • Nose wheelYES


Anssems BSX 1350.251X130 has an inside length of 251 cm and a width of 130 cm. It has 15 mm veneer base and 35 cm aluminum sides with railing and front grille. The bib and back bib are fold-down and removable. The trailer runs on 14 “wheels which are placed on the outside of the side to achieve a loading height of only 53 cm. Total weight of 1350 kg and a payload of 1050 kg.

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